Finding our salon for the first time...

For all our first timers, here are some tips to help you find our location. We are located in SOLA SALON on the corner of N. Broadway and Hamilton Ave. You will see the SOLA SALON logo on the windows. There's a couple of different ways to enter SOLA SALON. 

**Parking can get tricky so leave some extra time, just in case!**

There's ample parking around our location. You can park in the WALMART/BURLINGTON parking lot. (CLOSEST)

If you're coming from MAIN ST

you will see WALMART on your left-hand side. 

 -Make a left onto EJ CONROY DR and go up the ramp toward WALMART/BURLINGTON.

 -Drive up to the SECOND ENTRANCE. Stay LEFT and take a ticket. 

-Continue LEFT up one more level, P3, this will be the parking for SOLA SALON. 

-After you park, walk into the double glass doors. In the hallway you should see a HUGE 445 straight ahead. 

-Head towards the elevator and take it down to the LOBBY

-Once you're in the lobby the SOLA SALON doors are located next to the security desk. 

-Enter through the brown doors and we are the first salon studio on your left-hand side.

If you're coming from HAMILTON AVE,

you will see 445 on your right-hand side. Meter parking outside the building is only an hour so I wouldn't suggest parking there. 

-Head towards the light and make a RIGHT onto N. Broadway. There's a ramp that reads WALMART/BURLINGTON, take that all the way up and grab a ticket. 

-Stay right and go up one more level to P3, this will be the parking level for SOLA SALON. 

-Go through the glass doors to the elevator. 

-Take the elevator to the LoBBY. The entrance to SOLA SALON is right next to the security desk. 

-Enter through the brown doors, we're the first salon on your left. 

NOTE** If you're coming from N.Broadway, you will be using the same parking lot.** 


There’s free parking underneath the building on the weekends. 

-The entrance for the parking is located off N. Broadway. (“Reserved Parking”). 

-Hit the Call button on the intercom. Tell them you have an appt at SOLA SALON. The arm will go up and you can park wherever you please! 

-You can than walk out the same way you drove in. The Sola doors will be right in front.