Pedro Panduro is our Senior Stylist. Formerly working for Devachan Salon, Pedro specializes in DRY haircutting using the Deva Method.  Whatever your texture or dilemma, Pedro can help!  Se Habla Español*

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Victoria Marchisello is our Senior Colorist. Formerly working for Devachan Salon, she specializes in the Pintura technique.  Pintura is used to hand-paint highlights according to your texture!

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Here are some of ourPOPULAR services!

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Women's Dry Cut

Hair is cut dry than washed and styled. 

NOTE: Please come in with your hair down and detangled in its natural state. This helps the stylist see your exact texture to insure the perfect haircut.

Single Process

Thinking of changing your base color or just need a simple root "touch up"? This is the service for you. Bring pictures they always help!

Curly Hairset

Hair is washed and styled to enhance its natural texture. Whether your hair is kinky curly or slightly wavy, we can help with your daily regimen!

Pintura Highlights

Pintura can be done on all textures! This technique helps offer a natural grow out to avoid a demarcation line. By Free-Hand painting highlights, the colorist can strategically place highlights to enhance your haircut.   

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